Q: Why these Coaches?
A: All Coaches selected to be in the Coaches' Corner are carefully selected for their individual contributions to the entire Wolfpack family not just their overall athletic success. If you want to learn more about each Coach in the Corner please visit their individual pages.

Q: Where is the Coaches' Corner on Campus?
A: Coaches' Corner is located in-between Reynolds Coliseum and Talley Student Center. If looking at the Main Reynolds Coliseum entrance just follow the path to the right side of the building.

Q: What is currently in the garden?
A: The current memorial garden will consist of a stone paved walkway surrounded by garden plantings including flowers, shrubs, and bushes. In the expanded part of the garden, two benches sit on opposite sides of a bust of Coach Yow.

Q: Why does the bust have a towel over Coach Yow's shoulder?
A: One of Coach Yow's favorite stories about leadership involved "counting the towels". As students and future leaders, the story is an inspiration to us all. Read the complete story here:

Q: Could you explain more about the future expansion?
A: The plans for the memorial garden include possible expansion in future years as the students and Student Government at NC State see fit. The garden can be expanded to host the memorials of other coaches who have represented NC State with the same standards of excellence that led to Coach Yow's induction.


Kay Yow Endowment

Created in honor of Coach Kay Yow, the Kay Yow Endowment raises money toward scholarships for female athletes at NC State. Yow, who died of cancer in 2009, continues to inspire students at NC State.